12 Viral Content Marketing Examples To Follow


Viral marketing can work like magic for entrepreneurs. It’s an organic, insanely speedy manner to spread focus about an emblem, product, or service. However, the possibilities of making viral content are very slim.

Join us as we embark on a journey through “12 Viral Content Marketing Examples to Follow,” uncovering the ingenious tactics, creativity, and strategic brilliance that propelled these campaigns to the forefront of online conversations.  

Let’s Begin! 

What Is Viral Marketing? 

Viral advertising and marketing refers back to the phenomenon of spreading statistics through customers. It is of paramount significance for brands. Indeed, the public plays a key position in sharing superb messages about businesses. Finally, the goal is apparent to industrial actors: to stimulate and capitalize on phrase-of-mouth.

We are talking about a practice that changed into the present even earlier than the advent of the Internet, even though it has changed the entirety. In today’s circumstances, viral advertising campaigns can quickly attain larger and greater qualified shoppers. (Van der Lans et al. 2010)

To try this, manufacturers need to play on four factors which can be critical to viral advertising and marketing achievement:

  • contents, as getting the eye of customers simplifies their memory of the marketing message
  • the structure of the social networks solicited due to their substantial effect on marketing campaign overall performance (Bampo et al. 2008)
  • the behavior of the receivers of the message, however additionally their propensity to propagate the intentions of the manufacturers

12 Viral Content Marketing Examples To Follow

Here are the best 12 viral content marketing examples to follow

1- Dove Real Beauty Sketches Campaign

Then, there’s any other viral advertising and marketing marketing campaign delivered by Dove. In 2004, Dove got here with the Real Beauty Sketch marketing campaign. The motive of the campaign was to allow girls to realize that they’re greater stunning than they think.

In this video marketing, the artist draws  sketches of a female – one that she herself helped him to create and another described by way of any individual. The video went viral globally by way of spreading the brand message and notion in self assurance.

Dove carried out a study and analyzed that only 2% of girls took into consideration themselves beautiful. So, they conceived the concept of using actual women in preference to models for their ad. The entrepreneurs tried to deeply touch the feelings of the people through this campaign. It reached a high factor in 2013 which turned into watched over 114 million instances within a month. The 1/3 maximum success shared ad of all time!

2- Zoom Virtual Background Challenge

When human beings got stuck at home due to Covid-19, that’s when Zoom got here with a top notch social media campaign contest and giveaway.

Zoom, a video conferencing platform, had come up with a Virtual Background Competition in March 2020. It had added the month-to-month competition for remote employees. They could percentage motion pictures or photos of the usage of zoom’s virtual historical past function. A monthly opposition with three prizes in line with the month.

How did Zoom carry out? Over 50,000 human beings signed simply to take part within the competition. Another exceptional aspect changed into a patron fee-delivered carrier. This campaign brought new people to Zoom and were given to them to explore exclusive functions. An appropriate way to make certain customers examine and advise in addition.

This campaign has become the most hit viral marketing campaign on social media in the 12 months 2020.

3- Uber Launch Campaign 

Another exquisite instance of viral advertising that incidentally took place in Austin, Texas.

Uber has become a social sensation in the South by using the South West pageant. They provided loose rides to attendees during the conference and festival. This created a sensation at some point of the event and people started discussing it on social media. Wouldn’t you? 

Everyone desires to revel in free providers and that too in such fashion! The deluge of information from side to side became a lot that a social media platform collapsed.

Targeting the right human beings at the proper time is very essential. Young individuals of SXSW absolute confidence took to social media and in no time it became viral on social media.

4- Nike – Write The Future

Nike has used great manners to put together for the World Cup in South Africa international occasion. In this context, the logo was released “Write The Future” in 2010. The spot tells the societal outcomes of a healthy soccer, emphasizing the heroism of the gamers.

Just like the viral advertising and marketing examples of Volvo and Red Bull, Nike sees matters in a big manner. In just 3 mins, the short film features world stars including Cristiano Ronaldo, Kobe Bryant, and Roger Federer. In quick, the company is partnering with large influencers through proxy to decorate its recognition. So, it’s not the handiest lesson in viral marketing however additionally it has an impact on marketing!

5- Oreo Drunk In The Dark 

Oreo Drunk In The Dark” is a prime example of how real-time marketing and creativity can combine to create a viral content marketing sensation. In this intriguing case, Oreo, the iconic cookie brand, showcased its marketing prowess during the 2013 Super Bowl.

The incident occurred when a blackout unexpectedly disrupted the Super Bowl game, plunging the stadium into darkness. Seizing the moment, Oreo’s marketing team quickly sprang into action. They conceptualized and executed a brilliantly simple yet effective tweet that read, “Power out? No problem. You can still dunk in the dark.” Accompanying the text was an image of a solitary Oreo cookie in a dimly lit room – a clever nod to the blackout.

The “Oreo Drunk In The Dark” tweet became a shining example of how brands can leverage unexpected events to their advantage, turning a fleeting moment into a lasting impression. 

6- e.l.f.: #eyeslipsface on TikTok

The e.L.F. Cosmetics TikTok campaign, marked by way of the hashtag #eyeslipsface, exemplifies the electricity of consumer-generated content, tune, and short-form video to force viral content advertising. In overdue 2019, e.L.F. Cosmetics, a popular and low priced beauty brand, released this marketing campaign to engage its target market of younger, fashion-aware makeup lovers on TikTok.

The achievement of the #eyeslipsface marketing campaign can be attributed to its strategic alignment with TikTok’s specific features and consumer behavior:

  • The venture format and unique tune advocated participation and engaged customers creatively.
  • User-generated content ensured authenticity and relatability, building a strong community across the logo.

7- Wendy’s: Chicken Nugget Retweet Challenge

The “Wendy’s Chicken Nugget Retweet Challenge” is a high instance of ways a creative and tasty social media marketing campaign can catapult a logo into the viral spotlight. This advertising and marketing marvel, orchestrated via the fast-food massive Wendy’s, is a testimony to the electricity of user participation and the art of gamified content material.

In April 2017, a reputedly risk free tweet from a teenager named Carter Wilkerson sparked a great chain of activities. Carter innocently requested Wendy’s how many retweets he would need to receive as a way to earn a year’s supply of their scrumptious chicken nuggets. Wendy’s, renowned for its sassy and witty social media presence, seized the opportunity to transform this ordinary interaction into an tremendous advertising spectacle.

The “Wendy’s Chicken Nugget Retweet Challenge” in the end has become the maximum retweeted tweet of all time at that factor, reaching over 3.Four million retweets. While Carter did not hit the lofty 18 million goal, Wendy’s diagnosed the huge cultural effect and goodwill the campaign had generated. In a gracious gesture, they provided Carter his year’s supply of nuggets and also made a donation to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in his name.

8- Popeye’s: Chicken Sandwich Insanity

In the annals of viral content advertising, one current phenomenon stands proud as a true testimony to the power of an easy, but enticing supply. Enter Popeye’s, the quick-meals chain that sparked a nationwide craze with its mouth watering Chicken Sandwich. What started out as a strategic menu addition quickly morphed right into a frenzy of social media shares, long queues, and impassioned debates, taking pictures of the collective urge for food and creativity of a numerous target market.

At the heart of this viral sensation lay a meticulously crafted content method that perfectly aligned with the modern digital landscape. Popeye’s deftly harnessed key factors that ignited the Chicken Sandwich Insanity, putting an exemplary blueprint for content entrepreneurs to observe.

9- Aviation Gin’s Play on Peloton

In 2019, Peloton released an ad for its exercising motorcycles that went viral for all the incorrect reasons. The commercial showed a husband who was given a Peloton motorcycle as a Christmas present for his spouse and it became criticized for being sexist and promoting frame shaming. Some humans additionally thought that the wife character appeared dazed and trapped in her exercising recurring. This led to a 10% drop within the company’s stock.

However, it also stimulated Aviation Gin to make an industrial for his or her product. They hired the actress from the Peloton ad and showed her ingesting Aviation Gin together with her buddies however looking shell stunned and prefer she was absolutely still getting better from her ordeal with the exercising motorbike.

This advert was given 9.Four million perspectives on Twitter in only some days and went viral itself. Nevertheless, all become not misplaced for Peloton. Although their advert obtained quite a few grievances, their sales improved with the aid of 172% throughout the Coronavirus pandemic as greater people looked for ways to live fit at home.

10- Volvo Trucks: The Epic Split

In 2013, Volvo released a creative and eye-catching advert that quickly went viral. The commercial featured movement megastar Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits throughout  Volvo trucks even as they were in motion. The ad became shared and viewed tens of millions of instances and even became a meme!

Since then, the advertisement has garnered 116 million perspectives simply on YouTube and is broadly considered to be one of the maximum compelling advertisements ever made.

Volvo really launched this ad on the internet earlier than they ran it on television. They understood that they were much more likely to head viral by means of promoting their logo on-line first rather than prioritizing a TV spot.

11- Purple Mattress 

There is the maximum famous pattern video for raising awareness of the product produced by using Purple Mattress. The heroine from the fairy tale Goldilocks assesses extraordinary types of mattresses with eggs, and a piece of excessive-strength glass dropped on them. The eggs will crack if the examined bed is simply too tough or too gentle. And, of course, the product from the Purple organization wins. The creators straight away manage to seize the target audience’s attention thru specific and convincing pix: well, that is one in every of the best examples of digital advertising and marketing, which intrigues through the reality someone debunks myths and breaks eggs on the bed?

12-  Dollar Shave Club 

There was no budget for the costly advertising campaign. The companions made the primary wager on previewing the first viral promotional video approximately the club at large-scale events. The first run within the worldwide network turned into on March 6, 2012. The video broke the Internet! With a minimalist concept full of humor, Dollar Shave Club has come to be a startup supplying razors in a subscription carrier that grants tons of fees even as keeping prices 



Incorporating a variety of modern techniques, those 12 viral content marketing examples serve as beacons of suggestion for agencies looking to enhance their online presence. From cleverly crafted films that captivate audiences to emotionally resonant storytelling that forges lasting connections, these times underscore the electricity of authenticity, relatability, and strategic dissemination. By embracing the classes embedded within those hit campaigns, corporations can harness the capability of viral content advertising to no longer only raise emblem visibility however additionally foster true engagement and loyalty inside their target demographic.

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